TGTP Episode 7: Wimbledon Week 1

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Looking for where to watch Wimbledon: This site will help!

Episode Mentions

Our non-tennis friends were very interested in Marton Fucsovics. We get it. His flexing celebration went viral, and then he jokingly flexed for cameras later. Enjoy! And congrats to Marton for making the third round.

You can also follow Fucsovics on Instagram here.

This tweet just made us laugh. Rublev supporting peace and the LGBTQ+ community!

Stan made a run to the third round, and this video felt important to share:

Tennis Channel looking after Scot and providing these shots of Matteo Berretini, who is having a better tournament than we ever imagined. We’ll see if he can give Carlos a good match!

A tennis commentator provided backup for why Tony is always talking about Alexandrova during the grass court season!

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