TGTP Episode 8: Wimbledon Recap & Carlos Coronation

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In addition to breaking down all the tennis, here are a few other topics discussed on this week’s pod.

The Point that Changed the Men’s Final

A swinging volley miss on break point!

Your Wimbledon Champions

Seen at Wimbledon

Brad Pitt, Andrew Garfield, Ariana Grande, a bunch of people from Harry Potter I don’t know and more joined at Wimbledon. Nobody was more exciting than Bravo star Phaedra Parks.

Djokovic Meltdown

Novak’s biggest opponent before the final was the crowd. He battled, mocked and yelled at fans in the crowd throughout the tournament. He even pretended to cry while taunting one unruly fan cheering against him. But he finally fully lost it after getting broken in the fifth set of the final by Alcaraz:

Ons Jabeur put us through in the final

Hsieh Su-Wei Wins Outfit Contest and Doubles Title

Underreported story: The return of Hsieh Su-Wei. The unconventional player, gay icon and entertaining personality came back from maternity leave to win back-to-back majors in women’s doubles. First she took home the Roland Garros title last month, and she partnered with Barbora Strycova to win the doubles title.

Even more importantly, she had Tony’s favorite outfit of the tournament:

Unfamiliar with her? Just watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you’ll see why we love her. With two hands off both sides and flat shots, she will out-angle, slice and dice and drop shot you to death.

Big 3 + More Impersonator

Enjoy this ridiculous video impersonating some of our favorite (?) tennis personalities:

Larry Nassir is Still Disgusting

Sorry, not sorry:

Iga’s Behavior Turns Heads

After her somewhat awkward betrayal in Break Point, Iga’s behavior in her 4th round win and QF loss gained attention. Whether she was miming back and forth with her mental coach and feverishly writing notes, Iga was stressed this week.

Wimbledon’s Image Filter

Wimbledon’s social media team did everyone dirty by using a filter that aged them by about 20 years. Sabalenka should sue for this:

Chris Eubanks Got Roasted

What’s the price for winning over the Wimbledon crowd and taking the world by storm? Videos of you getting roasted by fellow pros go viral. Give Sloane a show already!

Tsitsipas Changing

Chris Eubanks played a smart, mature match to beat him in the QFs, but Stefanos should overall be pleased with his Wimbledon. And we were pleased to see this video of him changing.

A Different Side of Venus

Venus Williams doesn’t give much away in her press conferences. Luckily, in recent years she’s given her fans lots of video content to show more of her life. Her latest vlog is a must-watch, and you’ll see her in a new light.

Gayest Moment of the Week

Watch the Britney Spears slap video!

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