What Tennis Players Can Take Away from Break Point

Break Point, Netflix’s docuseries about pro tennis, was not created for diehard pro tennis fans. It was made to bring in new fans and introduce them to different players. But for those of us who play tennis, there were a few nuggets of helpful information from some of the greats. Here’s what you can take to the courts near you, regardless of your level:

“Tennis players don’t just to their opponents, they also lose to themselves.”

Maria Sakarri’s mom, who was also a tennis player, gave this quote during episode 3. It’s a good reminder that in tennis, you’re fighting yourself as much as your opponent. Staying mentally tough and positive is so important. 

“No matter your level, you’re only as good as your mind allows you to be.”

One of many poignant quotes from Paul Annacone. He’s coached some of the all-time greats, and he offers an important perspective. This quote is another good reminder for players. 

“I needed to change it up.”

Sakarri’s coach said this about standing up to clap during a changeover in Indian Wells. He did it to shift Maria’s train of thought and get her mind off the match slipping away from her. Interestingly, it worked. Another good reminder that a mind shift when things are slipping away may work – start singing a song or focus on something around the court. 

Stick with your gut

Despite being advised otherwise, Ons Jabeur stuck with her all Tunisian team with less experience. Many people thought she should hire a team whose “been there done that”, but she wanted to be comfortable with the people around her. A great reminder for players and their local coaches, doubles partners, etc. 

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